About Blueprint Poker Coaching

Blueprint Poker Coaching provides advanced poker training to full time, part-time, and recreational poker players. Our coaching has a holistic approach, and we teach our students how to really wrap their heads around the game and build a successful poker strategy.

Our goal is to give our students the ability to dissect many game dynamics and create effective winning strategies… no matter the playing environment or the players.

Why I started Blueprint Poker Coaching

Books and video training are made for the masses and will get you to a certain level. The information is also tactical and is not very effective at showing you a real strategy. It becomes obvious when the game dynamics shift, and your tactic stops working.

Coaching was the primary source of accelerating my understanding of poker. I was exposed to what I didn’t know existed. I have been coached by two active, successful, and established professional poker players – Christian Soto and Matt Berkey.

To date, I have helped over 150 students improve their poker strategy and increase their win rate.

What are you waiting for to start and Improve Your Game