Wondering how the professionals do it so well?

Take your poker game to the next level with our 1 on 1 private poker coaching.

Do you want to learn the secret formula to increase your poker win rate?

It’s the secret that professionals are hiding from you! Do you know what that secret is?

Proper. Training.

There are hundreds of books and poker coaching websites that claim to level up your poker game, but all they do is re-teach you the basics.
Our unique Blueprint coaching strategy accelerates learning and teaches players to think on their own, creating unique game strategies that can be adapted to fit each game dynamic.

Our advanced poker training will teach you how to force other players into mistakes and ultimately help you come out ahead

Poker is far more complex than meets the eye.

There’s only so far that self-teaching can get you, almost EVERY successful poker player received formal coaching at some point in their careers. The so-called best poker training sites offer books and video training that can be effective to an extent… But they won’t increase your winning rate enough to really make it worth it.

A word from Our Students


5.0 Based on Dozens of Reviews

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Fausto is an awesome coach! I recently finished my 4th poker coaching session and my game has improved greatly. I’ve learned more in the four sessions than I did with two years of watching videos, books, and articles. His coaching package is worth every penny. I’m glad i pulled the trigger and got coaching by Fausto!
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I'm very happy with the experience and plan to continue working with Fausto. He definitely opened my eyes and allowed me to see the game in a different way. I still have a lot of studying to do, but I'm on the right track to becoming a dominant player in my game. If you're on the fence about signing up for some lessons, get your ass off it!
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I’ll just say this… when you begin to implement this style of play, you are going to stand out. You’re going to cause reactions. Some will avoid you, some will target you, but nobody… NOBODY… will ever kick sand in your face again!
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Fausto’s course will not only show you how to play on a higher level or two more importantly he will show you how to think on a higher level. I have been a member of various poker coaching websites over the years and I read tons of books on the topic but nothing compares with sessions I have had with Fausto
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Fausto was great he not only gave me the tools but, also the heavy equipment and blueprints to design an build my game on a proven solid foundation. I paid for 40% of his course in 3 hours this AM playing (.25/.50).

My unique coaching method focuses on three main philosophies:

  • Helping students truly understand the ins and outs of the game, so nothing flys over their heads.
  • Teaching students to create a holistic multi-faceted strategy, completely immune to unpredictable game dynamics.
  • Continuous 24/7 guidance in our online student community via 1 on 1 live chat and monthly webinars.
Blueprint Poker coaching is without a doubt the best poker coaching site on the web.

Spearheaded by Fausto Valdez a registered coach on Red Chip Poker and long time student of Matt Berkey and Christian Soto.

Along having an official coaching partnership with Solve for Why Academy, you can be confident you’re getting training directly from the best poker coach money can buy.